Oh mothers, mamas, mums, moms….I feel you on this one. Unsolicited advice. It is just a NO GO.

When I was pregnant with my first little Jack Ryan the moment I peed on the stick and found out it was like everyone had ADVICE for me. And not great advice either. One client actually told me what my vagina could look like and that I might never have sex again. Ummmm “yeah not my story” is how I replied to that one.

The deal is that for whatever reason people can be super cruel and think that suddenly because they have a child that now they are the experts in birthing and all things kids and can give you unsolicited advice on how to do things and why.

My answer is short to all of it is, NO. Simply NO. When people would start with let me tell you a story about my pregnancy or let me give you some advice I would literally say, “Sorry my love, while I love and respect you I am just not available for this.”

Harsh? Perhaps. But let me tell you I am vigilant about what I feed my soul and mind with. I am also clear that fear or worry will NOT help my child/baby. I am currently pregnant with little Liam David due this December and NOT one person has given me unsolicited advice. Amen to that.

To be honest all topics are NO GO. But these ones especially…..

Birthing experience (unless its empowering just do not go there)

Horror Stories (of any sort, just NO)

Vaccinations and Medicines (NO, you just do not have the fucking right to tell anyone whether they should or should not. It is totally up to them to do the research and make a decision. Encourage them to research but do not force your opinion on them)

Bottom line, unless someone asks, just be loving and supportive. OR ask, “hey can I offer something I think might help?”




By the way ladies, this goes for business too. I never ever take unsolicited advice from people regarding my business UNLESS they are sooooo successful I admire them.


Make sense?


Hope so. When it comes to unsolicited advice disguised as honesty or feedback or anything…just say NO.


XX Stay strong. Love you. Malaine

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