Malaine’s Favorites for Pregnancy/Baby

Favourite Stores




H and M


Marks and Spencers





Nature Baby —NZ—worth ordering in!

Marks and Spencers

Zara Baby

Country Road

Peter Alexander


Baby GAP

Baby Old Navy

Baby H and M





Nature Baby —NZ—worth ordering in!

Marks and Spencers

Zara Baby

Country Road

Peter Alexander


Baby GAP

Baby Old Navy

Baby H and M



Must Haves During Pregnancy


Homeopathy Prebirth Mix

Pusatilla Homeopathic Mix if baby is breech for 2 weeks until baby turns

Pregnancy yoga

Reflexology —-to help induce labor works like a charm

Spinning Babies for positions to get baby in ideal position


Clary Sage during labor to help induce

Do a pregnancy photoshoot

Ferrum Phos take immiedately to help keep iron levels up—very common for iron levels to drop






Clary Sage diffuse whole time

Exercise Ball to bounce on

Fav Music

Fav Candles

Home birth is amazing but do what your soul feels aligned and called to do. I had a home birth and hospital birth. I had natural vaginal and epidural vaginal births and both were epic.

Sip ARNICA in raspberry leaf tea and nettles tea mixed—-every hour

Take 1 calcium pill on onset of labor


** I took homeopathic stuff throughout pregnancy and labor I had no ripping or tearing **




The Fourth Trimester

Vaccines, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses—best book about vaccines written by a pediatrician Dr Thomas Cowen whom has 30years of experience

Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants by Dana Ullaman

The First Forty Days-the essential art of cooking for a new mother-Heng Ou

Spirit Babies



If you go to the hospital put in your bag…..


Newborn Clothes (onsie, hat, booties, swaddle, nappies, wipes, extra onsie)

Your own towels

Dressing Gown/Robe and Slippers

Your pillow

Oil Diffuser and Lavender/Clary Sage Essential Oils


Ural Sachlets—-akaline your urine in case you get grazes in your vagina during birth this is a life saver and helps pee not sting!

Perineal Spray—cooling spray for your vagina SO GOOD

Pads big ones lots of them—you will never want to use anything but a pad again LOL

Comfy granny underwear—-trust me youll thank me later

Comfy sleepwear, yoga wear to lounge in

Comfy Clothes and Pillow for dad

Toiltrees—shamp/cond/face wash/body wash/etc

Fav Snacks

Water Bottle

Fairy Lights to make hosp room nicer for labor








Baby Items


Co-Sleeper—love n care

Pram/Stroller—bugaboo—Donkey Style if you plan on more than one child

Cot and Cot Trasitioner


Bumbo Seat

Play Mat and Play Gym

Soft Toys

Muslins to swaddle and use for other things

Swaddles— love to dream ones

Noise Machine—-Sleepy TOT is my fav

Clothes for each stage—-newborn/0-3/3-6…etc

Pillow special for breastfeeding

Rocking Chair

Jolly Jumper

Bathtub—-Stokke Flexi Tub


Good Breast Pump—my fav is the medela swing pump

Bottles—tommee tippee is my fav

Pacifiers—NUK is my fav

Baby Book

Newborn Photoshoot

Car Seat

Travel Pram—edward and co makes a great one that folds easily!!

Nappy Bag—prene bags make my fav one washable too

All natural baby skin care products/bug repellent/sunscreen

Play mat



Toddler Items


Rocking Horse


Swing and Slide


This bike—–

Blippi—-fav educational show for toddlers




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