Solo Coaching

The Deluxe Divine Rich Goddess
9 months

1:1 Private Financial and Business Coaching for women entrepreneurs looking to scale and leverage their business to multi-six and seven figures while making a impact in the world. Learn how to strengthen your mindset from lack to abundance and become an UNSTOPPABLE force of abundance.
Malaine creates customized packaging according to your needs, skillsets, and path. To find out more about this unique wealth experience contact Malaine.


VIP Day with Malaine
1-day full immersion experience

Rocket into wealth with a full day of being a wealthy luxurious goddess! Dine with Malaine for a brunch while doing strategy planning and having a full money alignment attunement. Malaine will work with you to create a customized multi-six to seven figure plan unique to you. The experience varies and is magically customized to each Goddess. The VIP DAYS take place in Fiji, Auckland, New Zealand or New York City.

To find out more information contact Malaine directly.