We are so glad you found yourself here, in this moment, on this page.

Whether you know why you are here or not, WELCOME. We welcome you with open arms, and we’re excited to share with you the magical experience we are creating in the sacred lands of Scotland.

The Royal Embodiment Retreat: Step into your Destiny NOW

Just imagine……..
Allowing yourself, giving yourself full permission to completely embrace all the magic of who you are. Allowing yourself to step into the woman that you truly desire to be.

Do you remember a time when you knew you had a unique destiny?

This experience is the opportunity to let go of all that truly no longer serves you, so that you can own the royal queen you truly are.

Scotland is a sacred and magical land. Birthplace to Queens and host to centuries of royalty, Celtic tradition and unparalleled creators.
Now it is your turn to allow the land to transform you.

In our time together, we will dive deep in supporting you to let go of the limitations that are holding you back from fully stepping into your destiny.
We will support you with things like…

Aligning to the frequency of your desires
Stepping into and embodying the true fully expressed you
Habits, attitudes, routines shifting into alignment with your highest self
Mindset work
Inner Child Healing
Visibility and Sharing your gifts with the world
AND so much more….

And of course, we are going to be celebrating and experiencing Scotland like the royal queens we are!

Camilla and Malaine have cultivated this retreat for women who are ready to show up POWERFULLY in the world. These women are the game-changers, the ones who are ready to break the rules and create their own. They are leaving legacy and shifting the consciousness on the planet.

Mystical and magical Scotland will support hosting your transformational experience. Explore awe inspiring castles and ancient tradition. Gain the spiritual inspiration the land bestows. Enjoy the luxury tea service and spa at the beautiful Gleneagles.
The trip will NOT be short of luxury, magic or transformation. The experience will be on…
 May 16-21, 2019
5 nights, 6 days of transformational expansive Queendom

Deep healing and transformational work to step into the expansive future you now
Embodying the identity of the Queen you have been destined to come workshop
All fine dining meals
The Royal Scottish Massage and Spa Treatment
Transportation (not airfare)
Accommodation at the Gleneagles 5-star hotel
Adventures in Scotland with the ladies
Rituals and Morning practices to support grounding you whilst at the retreat and to use when home
Royal Swag Bag
This retreat is unlike anything you have experienced before.

The retreat will be about stepping into the identity of the fullest expressed version of yourself, the version that truly HAS IT ALL.

Claim your destiny.

The next steps….
It is your time. This is your now.
 You are worthy and deserve all that you desire.

Malaine Lea is a Lifestyle Architect and Wealth/Luxury Mindset coach. As a women of faith and divinity she has supported hundreds of women to find their power, worth and abundance. Her mission is for every woman to be able to stand abundantly in her divine goddess power while claiming ever desire she wants. She is on a mission to make sure no woman ever says no to herself or life because of money AGAIN!

Through her own experience, strength and hope along with her studies in transformation workshops, energy work, spiritual work and professional experience, she has cultivated earth shattering, life changing formulas to help women truly MASTER THEIR LIVES.

Malaine has been featured in Inspired Coach Magazine, Goddess on the Go Events, YFS Magazine, Sustainable Success Lounge, Elephant Journal. Learn more at malainelea.com.

Camilla Webster is an award-winning best-selling author on wealth and power, a TED speaker, the former Forbes Anchor and guest Radio Host, a Business Leader and a Renowned Creative Artist.

Interviewing and working with billionaires and global leaders for two decades, her rich insight and experience are transformative. British and American, she spent many happy years as a student at St Andrews University, Scotland and with family around the United Kingdom.

You can learn more about Camilla at camillawebster.com.

In my first two weeks with Malaine I have created more income this month than I have for any month in the last year, and been inundated with receiving! The universe is showering me with gifts, opportunities, abundance, and most of all, willing and amazing clients to serve. I am SO grateful I followed that little inner voice that told me she was going to be the one to help me, and that I had the courage (and support from Malaine) to overcome the fear, and step into my destiny, and I know it’s only just beginning! There is so much more to come. I cannot be more grateful for the role she is playing in my life. Thank you Malaine, from the bottom of my heart, and from all of my clients who now get to receive all of me, without me holding myself back any more!” ~ Erin Kyna, Soul Coach

I don't remember exactly how I stumbled across Malaine's Page (Divine Intervention I'm sure) but within minutes of finding her, I knew I had to connect. Her energy was/is so magnetizing I decided to purchase her 30-Days of Money Magic Course. And the value of this class has been absolutely priceless! Until now, the business coaching I've received over the years has never resonated with me or felt right in my gut. Finally having a guide/mentor who is aligned with my values and leads with integrity has helped me see what is truly possible! Also, my mindset around money has shifted entirely, so much so, that I'm committed to taking the necessary steps towards the abundance meant for me. I've been soaking up all Malaine's teachings like a sponge and just had to continue my momentum, by signing up for another 60-day course with her! Slowly getting back into soul alignment has restored my confidence, brought clarity and completely shifted my mindset. If you're ready to go all in, I highly recommend working with Malaine! She is a whatcha see, is whatcha get kinda gal who has a gift for taking her clients to the next level. ~ Michelle Dawnn

Working with Malaine I tripled my investment within the first month!
​​​​​​​~ Annemarie Martinez, Global Brand Consultant

Since I started working with Malaine and over the course of the Money Mastery journey, I have soaked in and leaned on the amazing collective energy and support of community, embraced new ways of being, shed more limiting beliefs and attracted more abundance in my life and will close out 2018 close to six figures.
~ Loren West - CPG Beauty and Beyond, Entrepreneur~ Chrissy, Professional

Working with Malaine has transformed my life in two short months. I went from truly dreading get up in the morning because I lacked joy in my life, to waking up before my alarm goes off and jumping out of bed to see what each beautiful new day will bring. Malaine makes everything she suggests accessible, attainable and supports me every step of the way. It is in the small actions that we take every day that we become open to massive transformation. I am so blessed and grateful that this beautiful soul is a part of my world.  ~ Ali Hocart, Business Professional, NYC

I brought in 4 figures last week!! That hasn’t happened since changing my career. It’s been years!  ~ Jihan Bouraad, LMT  Professional

In the first month working with Malaine I doubled my salary, in the second month I tripled it and in the third month I knocked it out of the park!
~ Donna Wallace, Modern Day Medicine Woman

I had my biggest two income generating months while working with Malaine generating over 15k in each month!