About this retreat

This retreat is about giving women a luxuriously rich spiritual adventure and magical experience.

Connect with a sisterhood while expanding outside of your comfort zone to explore what lights you up, what brings you joy and how you can really rise up to add more value to your life and world.

Malaine will give you spiritual tools and healing practices to support removing the blocks that are having you silence your voice and dim your light. So that you can fully stand in your bad ass Goddess. She will also give you practical tools like:

Access to prayer and meditations to incorporate throughout your day
How to be authentic and find your unique voice
How to FEEL confident and deserving of making MONEY
How to truly just have fun
How to create a productive goddess day that allows you to thrive

What's Included

Decadent Accommodations
All meals
Meditation and Prayer Circles Daily
Transportation (to and from airport and while in Iceland)
Dance Parties
Adventures in Iceland (Blue Lagoon and Waterfall Hikes)
Goddess Circles to support, empower and teach you to thrive
Donation to local charity to support women and children

Sneak Peak