All mothers and fathers should read this blog and I hope it goes viral, I really do. It is not about the fame I seek, it is about how to protect your baby.

In the United States in many states the medical rights of children are being stripped before our very eyes. Children are being mandated to get multiple vaccinations in order to go to school in states like New York and soon to be California no exemption will work.

So even if you are pro or anti vaccination you need to understand that choice is being stripped. The same thing is going on in Australia and I think New Zealand may be next. Regardless of what you believe you need to know this is anything but FREEDOM. You are not free if you are mandated to inject yourself or your children. You are NOT FREE. If you are complying it is just adding to the problem.


I am PRO choice, PRO curious, PRO health, PRO children. When a child’s soul chooses you as their parent, they have made the decision to choose you. They have put their lives into your hands for nearly two decades before they truly start making their own decisions. If you are not researching before making the decisions for them you are not only doing yourself but them a massive disservice.

Imagine this, I am in charge of your health and life. I research nothing. I listen only to the media who lies to me blindly and follow all marketing propaganda. I feed you McDonalds, Burger King, spray you with round up weed killer and inject you with tons of vaccinations while screaming… “Global Warming will kill you.” How do you think you would turn out? Well lucky if you make it to 36.

Did you know that by 2032, 1 in 2 children will be autistic? That’s the epidemic my loves. NOT measles. Did you know 1 in 10 children are vaccine injured? Did you know 95 percent of SIDS is due to vaccinations?

Yeah so here’s my thing to protect your baby. Get informed full before you make your decisions for anyone whether yourself or your child.

Here are some great resources, also where I got my statistics.

Children’s Health Defense

Get curious, get informed.

PRO choice, not PRO ignorance.


X Malaine

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