Messy, Sexy and Joyful Journey of MotherhoodSeason 2 Episode #8; Leora Edut Listen to the episode

Highlights from the show:

Enjoying the journey
Letting go of perfection
Being present and enjoying life
Going deep into feeling your feelings
Appreciating the journey
Mourning the life you had and accepting the new with compassion
The power of support
Slowing down to slay

And much MORE!

About Leora:

Leora Edut is author of Goddess On The Go-Ritual To Help You Slow Down And Slay and creatrix of Goddess On The Go. She brings women together to to embody all layers of their divinity. From their sensuality to their sadness. No longer suppressing parts of themselves, women thrive being witnessed by one another.

Her work has been featured in: Elle Magazine, Lucky Magazine, The LA Times, and several others. Leora Edut has spoken on stage with Marianne Williamson, been an expert on The Dr. Oz Show, and featured in the NY Post. Leora is an activist and works with and The Power Of You Teens working with young women at risk teaching them tools of self-love.