From Business Woman To Boss Lady MamaSeason 2 Episode #3; Linda Bjork Listen to the episode

Highlights from the show:

Navigating motherhood with special needs child
How your vision shifts and being open to what you can create
The power of meditation and presence
How to create a lifestyle you love and that is aligned with your core values
How to truly be free as a mother

And much MORE!

About Linda:

Ms Bjork pioneered using mindfulness, mind-training and self-awareness during her 10 years as a CEO in Sweden and the United States. A former Creative Director in Corporate America, a trained MBSR Instructor (mindfulness based stress reduction) and an Executive Success Coach, Ms Bjork is now using her insights of the inner workings of success to help organizations, business owners and people in leadership positions.
With her business focused mind-training and mindfulness programs, Ms Bjork is guiding people from all walks of life to leadership greatness, professional effectiveness and business development. Clients vary from Media Executives, Hotel Executives, Creative Directors, Bankers, Lawyers, even Generals from The US Army and Luxury Fashion Designers from New York City are repeat recipients of Ms Bjork’s unique programs.
Ms Bjork lives in New York City with her daughter and has had a daily meditation practice of transcendental meditation (TM) since 1996.

Where to Find Linda:

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How to win at leadership without losing yourself

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Inner Business; How to win at leadership without losing yourself