Radical self indulgence, reclaiming pleasure, permission to go slowEpisode #8 Listen to the episodeAbout Megan:
Megan Hale is an ENOUGHNESS COACH, retired psychotherapist, and soul alignment catalyst helping women create more joy in life, work, and love. Currently writing her first book tentatively titled, Learning to Love, Megan is passionate about helping women love themselves enough to bravely pursue the life they desire and deserve. She’s the podcast host over at the Enoughness Revolution, a die hard foodie, mama, wife, and proud Carolina girl married to her soulmate in Texas.

Why giving yourself high levels of pleasure is GOOD
Why being self indulengent is not a bad thing
How to overcome trying to always be enough
Why giving yourself permission to slow down is good
Why being busy is not always good

Favorite Book:
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Favorite woo woo item:
Crystals with Mantras

Find Megan:
IG: @meganhale_mh
FB Group (I Am + I Can Tribe): http://facebook.com/groups/livetruetribe/