How to connect with your authentic goddess, honor yourself and balance it allEpisode #7 Listen to the episodeAbout Kat:
Kat has worked as a brand strategist and designer for over 15 years, founding The Epic Brand and Site a la Carte, services that help entrepreneurs, start-ups and light workers get their branding and site designs spot on. As a life-long intuitive, she recently began offering intuitive mentorships and one-on-one sessions to her arsenal of services, bridging the physical and spiritual more literally in her work. She lives in Hawaii with her man and two girls Lily and Freya, their super-energetic toddler monkey-baby.

Simply ways to incorporate self care and honor your inner goddess
How to be really authentic in ways that serve you
Why and how you can have it all
Learning about the importance of bathes, yes bathes
Giving yourself permission to live wherever you want

Favorite Books:
Creating Money
The Power of Now

Favorite woo woo item:
Candles with mantras

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