30 Days of Allowing Massive Cash Flow In

This program will be 30 days of FUN, FLOW and INCREASED CASH in your life! Together, hand in hand we will journey and venture into a world where all your desires can come to LIFE and FAST. Sign up now to learn ways on how to easily and effortlessly make money.

Starts January 1, 2019!

How to make fuck loads of money and rule the world

In this 4 week fully immersive course with wealth mindset coach Malaine Lea you will dive deep and uncover exactly what it takes to be a RICH BITCH IN CHARGE. You get to have floodgates and rivers of money. You get to finally get the money you are worth. You get to finally have the creations you have made be valued and paid for.

Change the Money Game Forever

Living in prosperity is your birthright. Thriving in abundance and wealth is your birthright. ABUNDANCE IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. You deserve to have it all.  So join me beautiful and the tribe of women who are ready to change the MONEY GAME FOREVER. Let’s commit to 30 days of creating money magic…

A 12 Week Immersion Course

If you are looking to elevate, step into your next level version of yourself, create the cash flow and business of your dreams, gain the relationship you have always wanted, have the habits, behaviors, and thoughts that support the reality you desire…then this is for you.

If you have DECIDED that NOW is your time you are no longer going to allow excuses, bullshit, other dumb reasons stop you from having all that you desire, need and require…then sign up now!

A 60 day course to help you cultivate habits and routines

60 days with me and you going all in so you can create a habit and structure for your day in the morning that will change you and last a lifetime. Just imagine waking up energized, refreshed, in flow, in alignment and rocking out the first few hours of your day.

Imagine accomplishing more than most just in your mornings that you feel excited to rock out the rest of the day!

Starts December 1st!

90 Days of Inspired Action

It’s just that. 90 days of getting shit done and creating epic results before the year ends. And we do it with ease, joy, and fun. Oh yes, and all your actions will be divinely inspired. It will be a magical 90 days. 

with Malaine Lea & Angelisa Almanzar

This is a 6-week course has been expertly designed for women who desire to finally step into astronomical money-making, unlimited intimacy of the lovin’ kind with your partner/s… and an unshakable, unwavering commitment to herself and the vision of her heart that does NOT QUIT. We will reveal and hold your very own SOUL’S Power Frequency and channel, unlock and instill the codes for your unique energy blueprint. You will not be the same woman when we are done.

A Conscious Sisterhood

In this program, you will be given the tools and guidance to expand, grow, thrive and create kick-ass results. It’s a conscious high vibe sisterhood of women ready to expand, thrive and embody wealth. You will learn how to generate more income, create a desired winning lifestyle, gain mindset tools to support an unshakable abundant foundation, and much more!

Accessing the Power of Who You Truly Are

What is the true story you are ready to own? What is the superhuman power that you have been denying yourself to own? In this 6 week course, I will help you peel back all that you are NOT to allow the true core of who you are to show up. I will guide you in understanding the true value, worth and power of you. I will support you in learning the truth about your Super Human-ness and to identify your superpowers so you can activate them and FLY through life.

Steps to Creating, Cultivating and Successfully Expanding Your Business

The Empire Builder is for women on a mission to create, revolutionize and change the world we live into one of extra-ordinary-ness. In this four week course, I will literally pull back the curtains and share EVERYTHING that has given me success in my business. I mean there are so many epic results my clients have created AND now its YOUR TURN. You get to build the empire you have always dreamt of building.

30 Days of Cultivating & Creating an Unshakable Faith

If you had some fucking faith you would have more and BE MORE. Do more, show up more, love more, and your biz and money would certainly be AWESOME. You don’t know how to get faith sometimes but you are clear it is the key ingredient to success, to up-leveling, to have all your desires. If you could just learn how to ground, root and stay in faith all would be well. The truth is all has always been well you just forgot. 

Shift Your Energy. Change Your Life. Create Your Flow.

We can use everything, even our meltdowns. And most importantly, use our meltdowns to transform our lives. Services. Products. Revolutionary Ideas. All of these are birthed through the breakdown. The breakdowns are necessary for the process of creativity and evolution. Sometimes we just miss the mark or the point. In this course, YOU will learn how to transform each break down into your biggest breakthrough yet! You will even make CASH MONEY from your breakdowns from here on out!

Unlock the Codes to Your Soul’s Abundance

Each of us has our own wiring and writing that support us to manifest and to receive. When these are off alignment, out of kilter, we then cannot do the fullest of what we set forth to do on earth. Everyone’s programming is done in the alignment of geometrics and therefore it is the tweaking and tuning that will change your soul’s destiny to its truest path. This program is designed for you to understand where you have been blocked and then to release those blocks so you can receive on the deepest levels.