Mama do your affirmations


I don’t make take them lightly. But I do affirm this mantra daily: “I always make the right decision always”

The affirmation allows me to live and lead with confidence, certainty and having my own back.

I do not regret.
I do not second guess.

Some call me impulsive. I call it soul led. Always.

I don’t believe in mistakes. I believe in correction, redirection, recommitting.
Everything happens divinely on purpose in purpose for a reason.
It’s either everything is a miracle and God or nothing is. Truly. So I choose the first.

And affirm; “I always make the right decision.” So it never keeps me stuck.
So I am always in action.
So I am always creating results.
So I am always moving and grooving.

Honestly this has created my success in all areas of life.

Call me crazy, but it works my dear. And if you struggle to make decisions easily I suggest borrowing my affirmation daily.

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