Dear Mama, wanna know how to not give up in any situation?

I want you to know today, at this moment, DO NOT GIVE UP. Like ever. I know things can be tough but keep on swimming mama. YOU GOT THIS.

When you are a working mother, running your business and your household it can be well alot. I feel you on that.

I have my moments, I am far from perfect The truth is that perfect in my eyes does not exist and if you strive for it you will set yourself up for failure, ALOT.

What helps me navigate the hard moments….


1- Being super compassionate and gentle with myself. I ask myself questions like, what would be super nourishing in this moment for you Malaine?

2-Surround yourself with a team of supportive and uplifting people. My friends and family are simply the best. I have such a supportive team that I know I can lean on and that really helps. I have also hired people to help me lessen the load.

3-Write out the narrative and story you actually want to live in. I have done this for just about everything in my life. It helps you to not focus on the negative and to bring to life the most empowered story.

Let this be the message you need today in this moment to know…


You are not alone.

You are so loved.

You are doing a great job.


Loving YOU


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