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You found yourself on this page, and if the name doesn't give it away, this is a magical spot and place to be.

Welcome, my love!
Welcome home...

This course is no ordinary course, and therefore the results that you will create will NOT be ordinary.

In fact, when you go all in, you will have access to MAGICAL, EXTRAORDINARY, EPIC RESULTS IN YOUR LIFE.

Sound amazing? It will be.

I downloaded this course just recently, and I think spirit was inspired by so many of my clients asking the same questions over and over again...

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"Malaine, how do you rock your mornings?"

"What is your routine?"

"How do you ground yourself?"

"What inner work do you do and why?"

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The questions came to me again and again and again and finally spirit was like:

"Malaine, launch this course!"

I do not take the intuitive downloads lightly, so here we are!

All about
Magical Mornings with Malaine:

This is a 60 day course designed to support you in cultivating habits and routines that will change your life and align you with the wealthy abundant being you are! In the course you will get a bit-sized exercises daily via form of email, audio recording, live trainings, and written trainings.

Each exercise will support you in...

  • Cultivating an unshakeable faith
  • Rewriting your story to one of empowerment and abundance
  • Aligning your mindset to wealth consciousness
  • Grounding and rooting into wealth
  • Opening the portals to cash flow
  • Surrendering into the flow of life
  • Learning how to open up the channels to receive intuitive downloads
  • and so much more. Truly.
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This course is packed with wisdom and content to support you in thriving and living life from a miracle mindset starting your day, your morning out right.

My mornings are EVERYTHING.

My practices and routines are one of a kind, and I know they have contributed to me being in flow, super aligned and having an uber successful life.

You meet many entrepreneurs who perhaps make a lot of money OR have the family OR have the relationship and so they teach you that…

I have all of those things and still find rhythm and balance so I will share exactly how I keep in flow.

60 days with me...

..and you going all in so you can create a habit and structure for your day in the morning that will change you and last a lifetime.

Just imagine waking up energized, refreshed, in flow, in alignment and rocking out the first few hours of your day. Imagine accomplishing more than most just in your mornings that you feel excited to rock out the rest of the day!

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Are you ready to kick some ass in life with me?

Hey beautiful goddess, I’m Malaine Lea, Wealth Mindset Coach, Mom-Entrepruner, Rebel, Courage Creator and perhaps the solution you have been looking for. I support women in FINALLY leaving their boring, passionless corporate 9 to 5 job so that they can obtain the financial freedom but also the soul-filled happiness of stepping into their purpose. I create a financial responsible plan with my women so that they have a divinely inspired game plan that they can execute with ease, trust and joy. I teach my ladies grounded, rooted, GODDESS abundance. My total jam is working all the details with my ladies to then create a business that fills their souls and their pockets.

We do the do together with faith, trust and a lot of inspired action.

I love helping this VERY specific woman because I myself did not have the opportunity to transition from my 9 to 5 to my purpose driven business.


Yeah, that was a blow to my heart, soul and particularly ego. I had to dig deep, work my ass off and after 8 months I was back to generating a multi-6 figure salary, but this time for myself. BUT it was an ROUGH 8 months. You do not need to do it the way I did. Learn from my mistake.

YES I was fired but, I manifested it by how I did not show up. I strongly dislike the people out their saying…. Just leap! Just jump and the net will appear! OR Save everything for 45 years and maybe one day you can be happy!

I’m of the philosophy that we are divine, prosperous beings that can create a reality that we crave.

BUT we need to be responsible, root in faith, create a divine plan and execute through inspired action.

As a mother to my beautiful son Jack Ryan, step-mother to Cameron Mark and lover to Ryan Alexander my core values are family, integrity, love and adventure. Having the ability to create your destiny and particularly your income give you a freedom based life to do and say what you want when you want.

I have created curriculum that is literally earth-shattering and supports people in living fully expressed, abundant and wealthy lives. I have developed the programs through my own experience and trials. From my masters degree in education to my bachelors in women’s studies to my many certifications in transformational life work, along with years of studying under shamans the curriculum is unique and specific to living a kick-ass, revolutionary life. If hundreds of others that I served can do IT, trust me you can too! 

I support you in redefining and designing who you really are from the inside out. Life is divine, magical and one that should be lived fearlessly in abundance, wealth and prosperity.

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In my first two weeks with Malaine I have created more income this month than I have for any month in the last year, and been inundated with receiving! The universe is showering me with gifts, opportunities, abundance, and most of all, willing and amazing clients to serve. I am SO grateful I followed that little inner voice that told me she was going to be the one to help me, and that I had the courage (and support from Malaine) to overcome the fear, and step into my destiny, and I know it’s only just beginning! There is so much more to come. I cannot be more grateful for the role she is playing in my life. Thank you Malaine, from the bottom of my heart, and from all of my clients who now get to receive all of me, without me holding myself back any more!”
Erin Kyna

Soul Coach

Working with Malaine, I tripled my investment within the first month!
Annemarie Martinez

Global Brand Consultant

Working with Malaine has transformed my life in two short months. I went from truly dreading get up in the morning because I lacked joy in my life, to waking up before my alarm goes off and jumping out of bed to see what each beautiful new day will bring. Malaine makes everything she suggests accessible, attainable and supports me every step of the way. It is in the small actions that we take every day that we become open to massive transformation. I am so blessed and grateful that this beautiful soul is a part of my world.  ~ Ali Hocart, Business Professional, NYC

Since I started working with Malaine and over the course of the Money Mastery journey, I have soaked in and leaned on the amazing collective energy and support of community, embraced new ways of being, shed more limiting beliefs and attracted more abundance in my life and will close out 2018 close to six figures.

Loren West

CPG Beauty and Beyond, Entrepreneur

I don't remember exactly how I stumbled across Malaine's Page (Divine Intervention I'm sure) but within minutes of finding her, I knew I had to connect. Her energy was/is so magnetizing I decided to purchase her 30-Days of Money Magic Course. And the value of this class has been absolutely priceless! Until now, the business coaching I've received over the years has never resonated with me or felt right in my gut. Finally having a guide/mentor who is aligned with my values and leads with integrity has helped me see what is truly possible! Also, my mindset around money has shifted entirely, so much so, that I'm committed to taking the necessary steps towards the abundance meant for me. I've been soaking up all Malaine's teachings like a sponge and just had to continue my momentum, by signing up for another 60-day course with her! Slowly getting back into soul alignment has restored my confidence, brought clarity and completely shifted my mindset. If you're ready to go all in, I highly recommend working with Malaine! She is a whatcha see, is whatcha get kinda gal who has a gift for taking her clients to the next level.
Michelle Dawnn
In the first month working with Malaine I doubled my salary, in the second month I tripled it and in the third month I knocked it out of the park!

Donna Wallace

Modern Day Medicine Woman

I brought in 4 figures last week!! That hasn’t happened since changing my career. It’s been years! 

Jihan Bouraad

LMT  Professional

I had my biggest two income generating months while working with Malaine generating over 15k in each month!



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