One on One Intimate Support with
Boss Lady Mama Malaine Lea


Hello Beautiful Mama,

Gosh, I love you so much and I do not even know you yet.  

Why? Well, simply put….I respect and love mothers so freaking much. Like… SO MUCH. It was my own journey into motherhood that shifted my views on motherhood. When I was pregnant with my first son Jack all of a sudden I had a million and one decisions to make.



How would I raise him? Would I hire a nanny or send him to daycare? Which daycare? Should I give him shots? If so, which ones? Wait what is in the shots and why? Should I do co-sleeping? Wait what about his own crib?

I mean the list literally paralyzed me. WOW. WOAH. I am mother, hear me roar baby….but wait should I roar or stay quiet?

I have learned from the moment I was pregnant that I began to evolve as a woman and mother and the journey just gets better and better for me. Since having Jack my business exploded financially and so did my life. I feel like I just found a soul flow.

I want to offer support to other mothers in being able to find their unique voice, truth, power and soul signature way of doing this thing called MOTHERHOOD.

My coaching is intuitive and soul-based. I will support and guide you in all aspects and areas of life while finding a rhythm and harmony in motherhood. 

Support is customized so if this is something that feels aligned for you please email my assistant at to get a customized package created. Vanessa will set up a call with you and explore what you really need before connecting you personally with me. From there we will dive into if and how I can best support you to become the Warrior Mama I know you are.

Loving you,

Jack and Liam send their love too!!