Let’s talk about mummy groups later. First of all, You know what melts my heart? Hearing my son call me mum mum mum mum over and over again. Truly. I’m a sucker for it.

I’ve had many titles over the years and I’ll tell you what being a mother is simply the best. It’s an honour and privilege I do not take for granted. I am acutely aware of the struggles and difficulties women have when it comes to having children and so the fact that God has blessed me several times is simply humbling. I’m grateful.

You won’t see or hear me at mummy coffee groups or parks bitching about how my life is over and has changed for the worst. Nope not me.

I remember right before I gave birth to Jack I went to a dinner for a friends going away celebration. We just chilled for the night eating and chatting and having a glorious night. Two of the ladies are mothers and starring sharing basically some horrors of being a mother and I literally said to them, yeah that won’t be my story. I know I’ll rock this out. They laughed and agreed that I was likely right with the attitude and mindset like that.

It’s mindset and attitude all the way. The moment I conceived Jack I wrote the story of how I desired the whole pregnancy and birth to go. Even done to how my body transformed with ease back to its body pre baby. Everything I wrote came true to the tea. Because I owned it, I believed it, I vibed it. Make sense?

I did the same thing for this baby down to writing down exactly when and how I would conceive it. Journaling, visualisation, story telling is POWERFUL WORK people. Don’t underestimate the power of your internal state.

Even my coach was blown away when I posted the story of what I was declaring to occur with Baby 2 and when it to the tea happened she was like Woahhhh fucking powerful. Let this be another reminder of the power of our souls desires and declarations.

Hell yeah.

When your aligned to soul all works. Yes to soul yes to life baby.

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