Dissolve the walls, learn how to make destiny decisions from a place of trust so you can step into taking the risks you have been avoiding and finally live an exceptional life!

Hello Beautiful One!

So grateful you found yourself to this page in this exact moment. Do you believe in fate? We do. We believe you have a powerful destiny here on earth with a purpose that will change the lives of many others. Although sometimes we experience barriers, walls, fear, masks, illusions of the truth that get in the way and somehow you start living a life that feels hard, unmanageable, overwhelming, fear-driven and just not filled with joy.

Sigh. We feel you so deeply.

We have heard so many clients, friends and family we love tell us…

I struggle with trusting myself
I struggle with having the clarity to know what my purpose is
I struggle with fully letting go and taking risks
I struggle to love myself
I struggle to understand why I am here
I struggle financially
I am so afraid of being judged
I am so afraid of failing
I am so afraid to JUST BE ME… Will people actually like the real me? Will the real me be accepted? Will the real me be successful?

Lean in my sweet friend, can we share a secret with you?

The real power lies in YOU BEING YOU.

Does that sound scary? Have you gone to any lengths NOT to be yourself so you can get love? Cause who you are is “not enough”?  We get that too.

But you see, truly being YOURSELF is your superpower. That’s what sets you apart. It’s what calls in the magic.

We too have struggled in the past with…...

People Pleasing

Being the “nice one”
Overcompensating for others
Playing it safe and staying comfy 
Over-extending ourselves
Performing in order to be loved or liked or successful
We have contorted ourselves into pretzels to be accepted and you know what happened? Misery. Pain. Failure after failure. Heartbreak. Disappointment.

Meanwhile, using all the energy we had to be someone we are not in order to be loved, liked, successful, accepted.

HOW EXHAUSTING! Do you want to know what we say now?

NO MORE OF THAT! It all stops right here!

And in order to support you in releasing yourself from the bondage and live in your freedom once and for all, we have created a magical, transformative and life-changing journey just for YOU called:


Dissolve the walls, learn how to make destiny decisions from a place of trust so you can step into taking the risks you have been avoiding and finally live an exceptional life!
In this powerful online retreat we are NOT….

Working you hard.
Giving you tons of tools so you can spin into overwhelm.
Pushing and forcing to get results.


  • Teach you to effortlessly lean back into your true self.
  • Allow you to fully access the innate power that resides within you.
  • Activate your unique destiny blueprint and soul signature.
  • Learn to release the programming of the past
  • Reprogram your internal systems/mindset to be coded to thrive and live an exceptional life 
  • Dissolve the illusions of lack and fear to align and assimilate to an abundant life
  • How to be at ease with who you are and articulate your truth in every situation (especially those hard ones)
  • How to make destiny decisions
  • Learn to take risks and feel safe while doing it

We have created this online retreat in a systematic way to help you breakthrough during a 3 session sacred retreat that you can participate in the comfort of your own home. 

Could this be the next step you have been praying about?

We are all in.  Are you?


Coach Britta, the “Risktaker with Crazy Faith”

Coach Britta, the Risk Taker with Crazy Faith will support you in learning how to dissolve judgement so you can be free to receive clarity when it comes to making life decisions that can impact your destiny and feel safe to leap into the desires and visions God has put in your heart. She will remind you that life is about being fully alive and will show you how to build crazy faith to show up for your vision!

Coach Leah, the “Subconscious Belief Shifter”

Coach Leah, the Subconscious Belief Shifter will support you in reprogramming your subconscious mind to align your beliefs with your desires. She will support you in dissolving generational emotional bondage and masks you hide behind so you can step out into the light as your exceptional true self.

Coach Malaine, the “Abundance Game-Changer”

Coach Malaine, the Abundance Game-Changer will support you in transforming your relationship with abundance and wealth. She will support you in activating your soul wealth codes so that you can fully receive the finances and abundance that are your birthright.

The Freedom Experience is a online retreat we have packaged for you to do at your own pace ANDwhere you will have access to three 2-hour sessions hosted by Malaine Lea, Britta Aragon and Leah Lund. Each session will be unique and powerful as you dive into specific topics to fully support you in: accessing true deep FREEDOM, trusting yourself to make destiny decisions, being authentically you, letting go of old patterns on a cellular level and finally take the leaps and risks you have been avoiding!

Say it with me.... FREEDOM!!! Wooohoooo!!

We hear you, sweet soul… it can be this easy. And it can be your reality!

The Freedom Experience Online Retreat is recorded and packaged so you can take your time and dive deep. You will have LIFETIME access and can set aside time to go on this retreat with us when it suits your schedule.

Session 1: Featuring Coach Leah Lund
Dissolve The Walls & Claim Your Freedom
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In this session, Coach Leah will support you in understanding how and why you create what you do in life using the Behavior-Outcome Sequence.

You’ll dig in deep to:

  • Heal the mental patterns that create all distress and dis-ease in your life
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind in the only two ways it can learn
  • Remove the masks you hide behind-even the ones you don’t realize are there
  • Identify who’s promises you’re keeping and release the emotional weight that is not yours

You’ll walk away lighter, brighter and with beliefs that support your true self and desires.

Session 2: Featuring Coach Britta Aragon
How to Make Destiny Decisions & Build Massive Trust to Take Risks
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In this session, Coach Britta will support you in learning how to dissolve judgement so you can be free to receive clarity when it comes to making life decisions that can impact your destiny and feel safe to leap into the desires and visions God has put in your heart.

  • Learn the “Miracle of Moving Through Judgement Process” to heal what drives your fear-based decisions and find your true needs and voice.
  • Discover how to make “Destiny Decisions” so you don’t find yourself in the wrong job, with the wrong partner or making decisions out of pressure. You will learn how to access true guidance, get clarity and confirmation.
  • Learn and master the “4 Step Formula to Take Destiny Risks” while feeling safe doing so!

You’ll walk away feeling confident, energized, clear and SO inspired to start being fully alive, as you leap with faith!

Session 3: Featuring Coach Malaine Lea
Code to Thrive & Activate the Blueprint to Your Exceptional Life
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In this session, Coach Malaine will support you in activating your true soul's abundance allowing you to be programmed and coded to THRIVE.

  • Reprogram your internal systems/mindset and be coded to thrive/ lead an exceptional life
  • Dissolve the illusions of lack and fear to align and assimilate to an abundant life
  • Align to your natural vibration and magnetize your desires while effortlessly
  • calling in your results

You will walk away ready to live and lead an abundant exceptional life!

So let’s breakdown exactly what YOU GET IN The Freedom Experience Online Retreat:
  • Access to three 2-hour sessions which include ceremonies, teachings, activations, meditations and hot seat coaching.
  • Access to PDF/workbooks to support you in activating and staying in action with what you have learned.
  • 30-Days of Sacred Facebook Community support for questions, sharing breakthroughs, sisterhood and accessing all your coaches.

Hand on your heart my darling and repeat after me:

I am worthy of all I desire. Life gets to be fun, effortless and easy. I get to be highly compensated in abundance for exactly who I am. I get to be truly FREE and who I am. I am free to be fully alive!!

We cannot wait to support you in creating a life that is truly EXCEPTIONAL.


Leah Lund

Hi I’m Leah Lund, Brain Health & Emotional Capacity Coach, Unshakeable Believer of Possibility, Ego Checker, Child of God and magnet to help you pull the stress and seriousness out of your life.

I support you in rebooting your brain and reprogramming your subconscious mind so you can have the clarity, capacity and courage to be your true self and create a life you love.

I’m talking-
CLARITY: knowing what you want …period …in every area of your life. And not just WHAT but WHY.

CAPACITY: being able to handle what comes your way and not get derailed in your focus for what you want most. Capacity for living your life, your dream. NOTE: this doesn’t mean waiting for situations around you to change so you can have what you want. It’s building the emotional capacity to have what you want no matter WHAT else is happening in your life.

COURAGE: building the courage to take action NOW…buck the system…let go of what other people think and go forward in life in YOUR rhythm and flow.

I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and YOU are designed to feel good and your brain is the miracle computer that serves as a springboard to both of those things. I teach a POWERFUL, unique 5-Step Method the uses Neuro Science, Neuro Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Techniques, Emotional Processes and Energy Psychology to support you in being your real, whole MOST VIBRANT self by working WITH your body, mind and spirit instead of against it.

My company is One Whole Health because I know that wellness is a collective on the outside and on the inside, meaning to be WELL as a world, each individual must be well and for each individual to be WELL on the inside you must be healthy and happy-mentally, emotionally and physically. This means you’re your well-being MATTERS to our world….And it all starts in your head.

You see, the ego mind and subconscious programming lie in the dark corners of your head and I am on a mission to support you in noticing what your mind is up to, checking your ego and programming your own destiny by reprogramming your subconscious patterns.

It’s true-my ego mind was once a reckless little critter. It ran the show. I believed everything I thought and I believed that the self-doubt, self-sabotage, anxiety and overwhelm I felt were my identity-just the way I was and the way I’d always be. And I had proof! I was a 30-generation descendant of self-sacrificing women…part of a lineage of a Viking princess who was burned alive in her house BY CHOICE due to accusations made against her husband. No joke!
Then I learned all that was illusion and bullshit.
Now I know that our thoughts and beliefs are a choice that create are own reality and I absolutely LOVE supporting women in realizing that you are a POWERFUL CREATOR who can have what you want.

Today I have a beautiful, fun, full life as a Grandmother (I married into that-BRILLIANT!) and wife and Mom to dog-Jack, horses-Lue, Voodoo, Rey and Cracker Jack and a Longhorn Steer named Sky High. Home base is our ranch in a ski resort in Colorado (Crested Butte-wildflower capital of CO) where I spend the most beautiful summers on earth riding horseback in the wilderness and occasionally over the mountain to Aspen. In the winters, I live a NOMAD life traveling to exotic and warm places. I’ve now travelled to six continents. I am where I want when I want to be there for pleasure and bring my business with me. I enjoy the freedom lifestyle and have time for side projects like being an Associate Producer of an Adventure/Travel/Transformation Web TV series called Awakening Giants.

I’ve cracked the code on living a life by design and have helped 1000’s of women do the same through our Vibrant Woman community. My purpose on this earth is to be and extend perfect love, see as much of this glorious planet as possible and live my fullest potential….and I’m here to help you do the same.

Britta Aragon

Britta Aragon, mindset coach, author, and entrepreneur, is passionate about helping people break their glass ceiling by dismantling the blocks that are getting in the way to living their best lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

She discovered her passion for the importance of detoxing on all levels while caring for her father during his eight-year battle with cancer. A survivor herself of Hodgkin’s disease, she knows first-hand the power of dissolving limiting, fear-based beliefs that keep most people blocked from living vibrantly, fully in their joy, doing what they love.

She is the author of When Cancer Hits, Founder of Detox Your Life Inc. and creator of CV Skinlabs, a safe, luxurious, and non-toxic skincare line that helps repair and soothe all types of sensitive skin. Britta’s work has been featured in Organic spa Magazine, People, En Espanol, US Weekly, Telemundo 52, Real Simple Magazine, Fashion Magazine, Allure, Vogue, Refinery 29 and more.

She raises awareness about detoxing fear and the importance of reducing our toxic load physically, emotionally and spiritually through her speaking engagements, online workshops, private coaching and international transformational retreats.

Malaine Lea

Hey there, I’m Malaine Lea, Wealth Mindset Coach, Mom-Entrepreneur, Rebel, Courage Creator and perhaps the solution you have been looking for.

I support women in FINALLY leaving their boring, passionless corporate 9 to 5 job so that they can obtain financial freedom and the soul-filled happiness of stepping into their purpose. I create a financially responsible plan with my women so that they have a divinely inspired game plan that they can execute with ease, trust and joy.

I teach my ladies grounded, rooted, GODDESS abundance. My total jam is working all the details with my ladies to then create a business that fills their souls and their pockets. We do the do together with faith, trust and a lot of inspired action. I love helping this VERY specific woman because I myself did not have the opportunity to transition from my 9 to 5 to my purpose-driven business. INSTEAD…. I WAS FIRED.

Yeah, that was a blow to my heart, soul and particularly ego. I had to dig deep, work my ass off and after 8 months I was back to generating a multi-6 figure salary, but this time for myself. BUT it was a ROUGH 8 months. You do not need to do it the way I did. Learn from my mistake.

YES, I was fired but, I manifested it by how I did not show up. I strongly dislike the people out there saying…. Just leap! Just jump and the net will appear! OR Save everything for 45 years and maybe one day you can be happy!

I’m of the philosophy that we are divine, prosperous beings that can create a reality that we crave. BUT we need to be responsible, root in faith, create a divine plan and execute through inspired action.

As a mother to my beautiful son Jack Ryan, step-mother to Cameron Mark and lover to Ryan Alexander my core values are family, integrity, love and adventure. Having the ability to create your destiny and particularly your income gives you a freedom based life to do and say what you want when you want.

I have created a curriculum that is literally earth-shattering and supports people in living fully expressed abundant and wealthy lives. I have developed the programs through my own experience and trials. From my master's degree in education to my bachelor's in women’s studies to my many certifications in transformational life work, along with years of studying under shamans, the curriculum is unique and specific to living a kick-ass, revolutionary life. If hundreds of others that I served can do IT, trust me you can too!

I support you in redefining and designing who you really are from the inside out. Life is divine, magical and one that should be lived fearlessly in abundance, wealth and prosperity.