Hey Beautiful! Wanna learn about empowering your story?

OMG. I gotta tell you. If I hear one more person warn me of the transition to two kids is hard I might literally just scream.

Cmon mothers and ladies and all people stop sharing stories that just simply won’t serve anyone. I think it is so funny when the only advice mothers want to give is the shit that simply won’t serve you.

Listen I get it motherhood and life for that matter is not always easy but feeding myself the stories that will generate fear, worry and overwhelm will not help.

So anytime someone tells me a story like that I actually do not scream I say this…

“Thank you for your story. That will not be my story. I am focusing on creating a really powerful story. I do appreciate your insight and I invite you to maybe change that now too.”

It is ALL a story. Nothing is written in stone truth so we can always change the narrative. Today I invite you to make that narrative in all areas of your life one that truly serves you and only share those with others. I am not saying lie to people but start seeing a new viewpoint of your life.

Listen the transition I know will be a challenge but I am excited for it. My story is “God choose me to mother more than one child and I am grateful for the blessings, challenges and excitement to come.”
Nothing has to be hard. Unless you want it to be.


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