Dear Overwhelmed Boss Lady Mama,

Hey there sister. I see you and I know you. In moments of my journey I can be just like you BUT I have learnt how to navigate and overcome this with ease and I want to share what I have learnt with you.



I mean obviously it’s cool you wouldn’t be on my blog if you weren’t interested in reading more on what I have to say. And when it comes to ummm everything I am never short of words like ever.

Okay so here’s the big buster….overwhelm is a choice. So if you are in overwhelm in any aspect of your life and especially motherhood than sadly you have chosen to be there.

I know I know, hate on me for a moment and then DEEP BREATHE, you choose it. So if you can accept that you choose it then you can actually reclaim your power and choose out of it.

First though you want to ask yourself some reflection questions….

What do I believe is triggering me into choosing overwhelm?
What am I not asking for?
Where do I need more support?
What’s the payoff of being in overwhelm?

So I am a journaling crazy lady amongst other things that make me crazy. These deep dive questions once asked and written about will reveal so much that can truly support you. Make sense?

So dive in.

Once you have some clarity you can understand and accept why you may have mistakenly chosen overwhelm which will give you the exit door on how you can choose our.

When you ask questions about the triggers and where you need more support you can create a life and flow that won’t allow you to choose overwhelm.

I find that when I go into that space and state of being I am not letting anyone help me and I think I have to do it alone.

Such lies!

What’s the payoff of that? Well I get to blame others that they aren’t helping me and be angry and complain which takes up so much energy and it keeps me from doing things like ummmm write my book.

Make sense?

Get clarity so you can move forward.

Be in acceptance that everyone chooses overwhelm sometimes but empowerment yourself to choose out.

Create a schedule that flows and has rhythm for your life.

Ask for support.

Seriously mamas you are flowing with a lot of things you deserve support and NO it’s not that expensive so stop that story right now.

Listen I love you so much…..

Repeat after me:
I am worthy of enjoying being a boss lady mama without any overwhelm.

Xo Malaine

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