Divine Rich programs are designed to create impact and results.  These programs cater to that special area you are looking to upgrade in your life!  Which area do you need support, or, are craving an upgrade in?  Read about the programs below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Malaine’s Courses Expensive?

The course pricing varies. Each one holds its own unique value depending on the time, resources, access to Malaine that is required or involved. Instead of thinking of any course as expensive, look at the course as an investment into yourself, your life and your future. Transformation takes action, action looks like investing in yourself. What I can also personally say is that every time I invest in myself, my life gets more expansive and wealthy in every area.

Which Course Would Best Serve Me?

First let me say this, I serve women who are looking to make the transition from their 9-5 job or corporate job into the entrepreneurial world. I support them in creating a grounded, soulful transition plan through a specific method I have termed, “The Malaine Method.” Through this method I share a step by step process that supports you in responsibly transitioning into a full time entrepreneur with clarity on your purpose, positioning, messaging and branding. Whether you are still in the current corporate job, just left, or left a while ago but cannot seem to make the full transition into a thriving entrepreneur I can support YOU. Now, which program? It depends. I have a lot of services specifically catering to you and your specific needs. It depends on where you are in the process and the journey. Look at the different options on my website. I would suggest that if you are super confused, reach out and book a Breakthrough Money Alignment Session with me or email me at malaine@malainelea.com.

Why Would I Choose You Over Another Coach/Mentor?

Well again first let me say, I work with a specific person. I work with women looking to make the transition from the corporate/professional world to the entrepreneurial world. I do not know anyone out there specifically serving women in that way and I also do not play the comparison game. You will know if I am your jam and if I resonate with your soul. If yes, I cannot wait to play and make magic together!

Are Payment Plans An Option?

YES! I have plenty of payment plan options and availability. If you see a course or offering you like you can easily reach out to me at malaine@malainelea.com to ask pricing if not available, or inquiry about a customized payment plan.

How Long Have You Been Coaching?

7 years. I first started coaching at a company based in New York City and Los Angeles. I have been coaching in my own business for 5 years and served thousands of women.

Do You Do Refunds?

No, we don’t do refunds. When you sign up for my courses you are gaining access to materials that have in some cases taken years to cultivate, create and birth. The access cannot be revoked and thus we do not administer refunds.