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Mama, do not give up

Dear Mama,   I want you to know today, in this moment, DO NOT GIVE UP. Like ever. I know things can be tough but keep on swimming mama. YOU GOT THIS. When you are a working mother, running your business and your household it…

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Being a mother changes you.

Being a mother changes you, it just does. Now here’s the thing… I don’t think you lose yourself and identity you just expand and evolve into a more perfect version of yourself. I do see mothers lose themselves. And I was always so clear I…

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Ditch Guilt, Face Your Fears and Get the Support You Deserve: An Open Letter to Mama Entrepreneurs

As a mama I know there can be a lot of expectations around being able to “DO IT ALL”. The truth is, having it all and doing it all is possible — if you give yourself the tools you need to succeed. It was a challenge to becoming more efficient, but I quickly learned to navigate the challenges and fears. I am now able to be of massive service to my family and to the world, not to mention having financial freedom.

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