Being a mother changes you, it just does. Now here’s the thing… I don’t think you lose yourself and identity you just expand and evolve into a more perfect version of yourself.

I do see mothers lose themselves. And I was always so clear I get to take care of me first and be selfish with that otherwise I am not a good mama to the boys anyway. Make sense? If I feel like shit they will feel it.

So you might see me with my shit together and the deal is I get my fucking shit together daily to be a better mother.

Bottom line. I take care of me not just for me anymore but it is so important. I want them to see me doing what I desire them to also do. You can’t give from depletion and if you do give from a depleted space essentially what you are doing is creating lack.

Abundance baby.

Enough time.
Enough love. 

Repeat after me. I am enough. I am worthy of exactly what I want from this moment forward.Being a mother changes you

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  • Malaine Lea
    Posted August 21, 2019 8:12 am


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