So, what is after birth mother care? A lot of people have said to me…..

Wow you look so good!
You are rocking this mama thing.
You are transitioning so well.
You are the best mother ever!

And to be honest. Yes, fucking totally.

And to be honest. I still have my moments. There are new adjustments and challenges that I am navigating. But I DO NOT DO IT ALONE.

Here’s my two cents for new mothers and mothers expanding their family.

1- GET ALOT support. Lots and lots and lots of support. Ask for help. Accept help. Don’t do it on your own EVER. Like why would you want to? Get that ego out of the way and know true warriors have a team helping them. I ask for glasses of water while I feed the baby. I ask for help changing in the first few days. I ask for help from the simple to the not so simple.

2-Set some hardcore boundaries. It’s your life and your family. You decide how it goes. You don’t have to have visitors if you don’t want. You should not host and feed visitors they should be feeding you or at least contributing to food purchased. Don’t talk or hang out with people that don’t fill up your cup, period end of story.

3-Let your emotions flow and know it’s totallllly normal and totallllllly okay.

4-Snuggle and love up on your children AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

5-Parent intuitively, each child is SOOOOO different. Everyone will have their advice and opinions and two cents….and take what you need leave the rest. Parent from soul, intuitively. You will know exactly what your child needs.

6- REST. Rest, whenever and however you can.

7-Self care. Self care. Self care. You are setting an example OR NOT by how you take care of yourself in front of your children or child. I ALWAYS do my morning routine of prayer, journaling and meditation. I always get my massages and nails and hair did. I make time for me always. Happy mother happy house. Seriously.

8-Nourish yourself with yummy foods, amazing friends and family, and slow loving movements. I’ve seen woman jump back into hardcore lifting and running and all the things. Cool cool, but the body is a temple meant to be loved and restored with ease after a massive transition give yourself time.

9-talk about, journal about your child’s birth story from an empowered viewpoint on why God gifted you that particular experience. Soooo healing.

Hope this helps you about after birth mother care . Loving you, Malaine xo

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