About Malaine

Hey beautiful goddess, I’m Malaine Lea, Wealth Mindset Coach, Mom-Entrepreneur, Rebel, Courage Creator and perhaps the solution you have been looking for. I support women in FINALLY leaving their boring, passionless corporate 9 to 5 job so that they can obtain the financial freedom but also the soul-filled happiness of stepping into their purpose. I create a financially responsible plan with my women so that they have a divinely inspired game plan that they can execute with ease, trust, and joy. I teach my ladies grounded, rooted, GODDESS abundance. My total jam is working all the details with my ladies to then create a business that fills their souls and their pockets.

We do the do together with faith, trust and a lot of inspired action.

I love helping this VERY specific woman because I myself did not have the opportunity to transition from my 9 to 5 to my purpose driven business.


Yeah, that was a blow to my heart, soul and particularly ego. I had to dig deep, work my ass off and after 8 months I was back to generating a multi-6 figure salary but this time for myself. BUT it was a ROUGH 8 months.

You do not need to do it the way I did. Learn from my mistake.YES, I was fired but, I manifested it by how I did not show up.

I strongly dislike the people out there saying…Just leap! Just jump and the net will appear! OR Save everything for 45 years and maybe one day you can be happy! I’m of the philosophy that we are divine, prosperous beings that can create a reality that we crave. BUT we need to be responsible, root in faith, create a divine plan and execute through inspired action.

As a mother to my beautiful sons Jack Ryan and Liam David, step-mother to Cameron Mark and lover to Ryan Alexander my core values are family, integrity, love, and adventure. Having the ability to create your destiny and particularly your income gives you a freedom based life to do and say what you want when you want.

I have created a curriculum that is literally earth-shattering and supports people in living fully expressed abundant and wealthy lives. I have developed the programs through my own experience and trials. From my master’s degree in education to my bachelors in women’s studies to my many certifications in transformational life work, along with years of studying under shamans, the curriculum is unique and specific to living a kick-ass, revolutionary life. If hundreds of others that I served can do IT, trust me you can too!

I support you in redefining and designing who you really are from the inside out. Life is divine, magical and one that should be lived fearlessly in abundance, wealth and prosperity.

Meet the Team behind Malaine Lea and the Divine Rich Community

Goddess Vanessa Viglietta Dessert

Goddess Vanessa Viglietta Dessert

Vanessa is executive assistant to Malaine Lea. Vanessa is also the retreat guru and director of goddess customer service. Her goal within the Divine Rich Community is to make sure each woman feels supported, loved and honored along the journey. Vanessa is known for her love, compassion and unique way to make sure no woman goes unseen. Vanessa has an extensive background in curating retreats, supporting powerhouse women with details/strategy and helping women to thrive in their zone of genius. She has been with the Divine Rich Community since late 2015 and is excited to help with the global expansion!

These amazing goddess and others throughout the years are here to serve and support the women in the Divine Rich Community to truly thrive. Through each of their experience and strength that have supported many in the community already…and perhaps you are NEXT!

The opportunity to work solo with each coach is available, please inquiry within at malaine@malainelea.com