About this retreat

This retreat is about giving women a luxuriously rich spiritual adventure and magical experience.

Connect with a sisterhood while expanding outside of your comfort zone to explore what lights you up, what brings you joy and how you can really rise up to add more value to your life and world.

Malaine’s team (this retreat will be hosted by her coach, Vanessa Viglietta Dessert aka Malaine’s right hand goddess) will give you spiritual tools and healing practices to support removing the blocks that are having you silence your voice and dim your light. So that you can fully stand in your bad ass Goddess. She will also give you practical tools like:

Prayer and Meditation
How to allow yourself to trust, surrender and fully allow life to occur
How to open up to receive in deeper ways
How to allow yourself to truly radiant, have fun and get into FLOW
How to truly slow down to slay

What's Included

All meals
Meditation and Prayer Circles
Adventures in the Magical Culture
Goddess Circles to support, empower and teach you to thrive

Exclusions: Airfare and Travel Insurance

VanessaWho is Vanessa?

Vanessa has been with Divine Rich Retreats and Malaine Lea Inc for over 2 years. She has assisted Malaine in creating, developing and running all the programs run under the company. Vanessa is known for her kind-heart, supportive and transformative energy. She truly is an “Superwoman Solution” and allows Malaine’s clientele to relax into an abundant and wealthy lifestyle. She is currently running the Divine Rich Retreats in support role and facilitator role where she will support the goddesses to unleash their natural power and truly relish in the abundance that is rightfully theirs.

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