This retreat is all about giving women a luxuriously rich spiritual and business mastermind experience.
Join in tribe and community and get to the ROOT of your WHY, your purpose, and your mission.
Be moved from your bones to bring your message and gifts to the world.

Whether you are an entrepreneur and have a business and want to go deeper in purpose and in profit, or you are a woman that is wanting to birth a business and have no idea where to start… this retreat is for you.

We will give you not only spiritual tools and healing to remove the blocks that are having you silence your voice and dim your light. But also the practical tools like:

bulletaccess to sales scripts with soul
bulletindustry MASSIVE Press list
bullettips on how to pitch and be interviewed in top magazines and blogs
bulletcollaborate with big brands
bulletspeak on topics you love and get paid
bullethow to lead your own retreats and sell out!
bullethow to be authentic and find your unique voice
bullethow to FEEL confident and deserving of making MONEY
bullethaving fun!


February 22-27th, 2018
5 Nights and 6 Days in Magical Greece


Full Payment of $5000
Early Bird Price of $4500 before July 18, 2017
(save $500!)

Women ready to step into their divinity on a massive level.

Women ready to explode onto the business scene sharing their gifts and tools with thousands.

Women ready to claim the goddess they are.

Women ready to make 6-7 figures a year and serve the world.

PLUS: Access to Business Insider Package to explode your business from PR, Marketing, and Strategy Materials and much more!

Early Bird Registration until July 18, 2017


Malaine Lea is a Lifestyle Architect and Wealth/Luxury Mindset coach. As a women of faith and divinity she has supported hundreds of women to find their power, worth and abundance. Her mission is for every woman to be able to stand abundantly in her divine goddess power while claiming ever desire she wants. She is on a mission to make sure no woman ever says no to herself or life because of money AGAIN!

Through her own experience, strength and hope along with her studies in transformation workshops, energy work, spiritual work and professional experience, she has cultivated earth shattering, life changing formulas to help women truly MASTER THEIR LIVES.

Malaine has been featured in Inspired Coach Magazine, Goddess on the Go Events, YFS Magazine, Sustainable Success Lounge, Elephant Journal. Learn more at

Christine Gutierrez is a leading Latina psychotherapist with a Masters in Human Behavior and Development focusing on prevention and community from City College of New York. She is an advice columnist, speaker, author, poet, and founder of Therapy is Cool, which was created to empower and educate marginalized youth and communities. Christine is also the author of the e-book, The Care of Wounded Wings: A Guide to Soar Through Life’s Tough Times, co-authored with Naia Maro.

Christine offers 1-1 coaching and therapy, personalized and group retreats, and workshops. Ancient Wisdom with a Modern Twist’ is her motto.

She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Latina magazine, Glamour, and Forbes, as well as seen on Lifetime, Telemundo, One O Eight, and Dove events. She lives and works in New York City. You can learn more at