About Malaine

Hey there, I’m Malaine Lea, owner of Malaine Lea Inc, Lifestyle Architect, Wealth Mindset Coach. No Lea is not my last name in fact my last name is Schmid but to be honest I think my first and middle names serve me way more and are way more divine and badass than my last name. Do you know how important your name really is? SUPER IMPORTANT! I hear so many people say, “call me whatever,” or “either way I’m cool with whatever you want to call me.” ​

I say, NO WAY. Tell them who you are. Telling people who you are and what you want to be called is the first step to standing strongly in your power and badass light that you shine. ​

That’s what I do. I help you find that inner badass light that usually you dull down due to so many crappy things in life that can happen. How do I know? Come on, I have been through a lot too! I struggled with many various addictions, I constantly found myself broke, I constantly found myself lost, I constantly found myself in a hopeless state of mind.

So the depressed, sad, hopeless Malaine did not give two fucks about what you called her. Today, my name is Malaine Lea and I am here to serve the world to live in their truth in a badass way. No apologizing, no regretting, and most importantly no fear.

I have created curriculum that is literally earth-shattering and supports people in living fully expressed, abundant and wealthy lives. I have developed the programs through my own experience and trials. From my masters degree in education to my bachelors in women’s studies to my many certifications in transformational life work, along with years of studying under shamans the curriculum is unique and specific to living a kick-ass, revolutionary life. ​ If hundreds of others that I served can do IT, trust me you can too! ​

As a Lifestyle Architect I support you in redefining and designing who you really are from the inside out. Life is divine, magical and one that we should be lived fearlessly in abundance, wealth and prosperity.